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Character Profile 4: Thomaas Kondor

The Kondor family’s fame was far reaching indeed. Whether as a part of the UNR military or the Nicerian Elite Force (which was founded by General Markus Kondor), a member of this great and honorable family always found themselves a part of the defense of Niceria for more than seven generations. Thomaas Kondor was to be no exception.

Following in the path of Markus (his grandfather) and Aryn (his father), Thomaas was determined to become an officer in the prestigious Nicerian Elite Force. At the start of the events of this volume in the Nicerian Chronicles, Thomaas is quickly gearing up for his final examination in the NEF Academy.

An upbeat and optimistic individual, Thomaas consistantly finds himself being the source of encouragement to those surrounding him. His legacy has given him large shoes to fill, as most of his fellow students see him as a natural leader. Where some would be overwhelmed by having a famous military lineage, Thomaas takes everything one day at a time. Instead of seeing the greatness of his ancestors as an intimidation, Thomaas sees his family history as an example for him as he grows into his own man.

If there was one person Thomaas lives his life for, it is his mother. Although she passed away when he was still quite young, he continuously ponders what she would desire of him. Even more than 15 years after her tragic death, Thomaas still dreams of her and feels the pain of losing her like it had been mere days ago.

Living on Niceria, during the time of this story, had its pros and cons. Where the Nicerian people were mostly successful and advanced in their society, there was always a constant shadow and fear of war. This was the world Thomaas was born into, and living in a Cold War society takes a toll. Having been brought up in a military family on a world that suffers from the constant threat of war added an interesting personality aspect to Thomaas.

Where most young adults of his age desired to go to a civilian university and score a favorable occupation, Thomaas had always desired to sacrifice his own life and serve the people. To him, there was no question about whether there would be another war. On some levels, Thomaas hoped for another war. These desires were not because he yearned for conflict; rather, these thoughts spurned from a want to put an end to the threat altogether.

The militaristic, expansionist views of the Vorax were unrelenting. There was no diplomacy, there were no negotiations. Any ambassador the Nicerians sent was sent back in pieces. The Vorax lived in a closed society, never letting any civilian in or out of Vorxian Territorial space. Freedom was a concept they did not, nor desire to, grasp. “A free people are a weak people” was an excerpt from the Territorial’s “Rule by Strength” manifesto (the document that dictates all actions of the rulers, military personnel, and civilians who live under the banner of the Vorax).

From Thomaas’ point of view, there was only one way to ensure the safety, security, and acquirement of peace for the Nicerian people. The utter destruction of the Voraxian Territorial. This brings us to one of his flaws.

Being in a military lifestyle under threat of war from a people different from that of your own can breed a certain amount of hatred. This point of view can be focused on to an entire people and not just on the actual problem area. Even though the Vorax military and government was the root complication, Thomaas always had an issue making a distinction between the government of the Territorial and the civilians who had no choice in where they were born. To Thomaas, and many others in the NEF Academy, Vorax were Vorax. They were all trouble.

This drawback of Thomaas’ had the potential for becoming problematic when help from an unexpected place would become essential for the survival of the galaxy. Will Thomaas and the others find the strength and maturity to set aside their differences to face the greatest threat the galaxy has ever seen?

Well, that’s all I’m going to say about this! I hope you are finding the Character Profiles enjoyable and interesting! Hopefully, I will have some news soon on the status of the book as I continue to make it available to the world! Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time!


Character Profile Number 1: Katsukami

Who better to begin my character profiles on than the one who’s name is also the title of the first book? The primary antagonist of the story, Katsukami is complicated and full of mystery. When the reader first opens the book, they see a man of unimaginable power with sanity long ago broken. Seemingly driven by an unquenchable desire for vengeance, the once “Savior of Kyosora” is first shown as a killer on rampage. Superhuman strength, speed that renders him invisible to the naked eye, and other assorted supernatural powers make this man/demon a formidable foe indeed.

Leading up to this story, Katsukami was once known as Katsuro. He first made his public appearance when he joined the Nicerian Elite Force (an organization of mercenaries whose sole purpose is to protect their homeworld Niceria and her allies). During a difficult conflict with the Nicerians long time enemies, the Vorax, Katsuro took charge and showed the galaxy a power they had not seen since ancient times when Angels and Demons roamed amongst the humans. Successfully driving back the Vorax onslaught with naught but a sword, Katsuro became the Savior of the galaxy.

His victory saved billions of lives and brought a quick end to the conflict. Numerous government officials from worlds great and small sought to meet him and plead for his protection. He was an icon; or, probably better put, he was an idol. Yes, there were even people that thought he was a messenger from heaven or even a god himself. He single handedly brought peace to humanity.

Then, he disappeared.

No one knew what happened. Some said he went back to heaven. Others said he desired to be alone to relieve himself from all the attention. Others still claimed he had hid himself and would only appear again when the galaxy needed him.

No one ever could have expected the suffering and agony that befell him. What could have possibly happened that could cause the “Savior of Kyosora” to become such a ruthless psychopath? What changed him?

That answer and so much more is found in the Nicerian Chronicles. Book 1, Katsukami, will show the reader who he is: an insane, ruthless killer who seeks vengeance against the one who made him. So many innocent people who lie in his path are cut down. No one is safe.

Suffering has a name. Katsukami. And he is coming.

The Setting for a Fantasy

As I said before, the premise of my story came from a dream. It was quite vivid and epic as well. Most times, I never remember my dreams after I wake. This one was definitely the exception to the rule. When I woke, I had enough time to get up from my bed, find a piece of paper, and begin scribbling down everything I could possibly remember.

But the dream is the end.

The story I have built to lead up to the amazing conclusion that is based on the dream was created over the next several months after I woke that night. The story went through many changes during the creation process. Originally, the setting of the story took a more medieval setting. The main peoples of the story were from different countries in a world that was essentially the battleground for the warring spiritual realms of Light and Dark. There were no modern vehicles (cars, aircraft, etc.) as technology in this world had not really advanced very far. There were two warring countries: Niceria and Carekren. The heroes of the story came from Niceria and the villains were natives of Carekren. The war between the beings of Light and Dark in the past was fought with little regard to the humans who populated the land. However, at the time my story began, the supernatural beings made direct contact with the humans. Their purpose: to use the humans to fight their war for them. The number of “angels” and “demons” were dropping considerably from the long and drawn out war. Therefore, they granted the humans powers in order to continue the fighting on their behalf. The Light took the side of Niceria, the Dark Carekren.

I ran into a problem when creating the structure of the story behind this setting. It was a little limiting and claustrophobic. I needed more room to move. For that reason, I took to the skies.

The next version of the story was very similar a premise as the first, only it took place much further in the future. Niceria became a planet all on its own, as did Carekren. The Kingdom of Niceria fought against the Voraxian Empire (the Vorax inhabited Carekren and a few other worlds as well). At this point, the story took a drastic turn toward the “sci-fi” realm. Technology was extremely advanced. Their was nothing left of the medieval culture I had originally built. At this point, I cut the idea that all humans were given supernatural powers. My “Champion” idea was structured so that only one person was given powers from each side. So, one was given the powers of Light, and one was given the powers of Dark.

The biggest problem I had with this version was that it went too far away from the supernatural fantasy I truly desired. The original way was 100% supernatural fantasy, whereas the second, more futuristic version was now about 95% sci-fi and only 5% supernatural fantasy.

It was back to the drawing board for me. The next phase of the story I took would end up becoming the template for the version it is today. Next time, I will reveal what I chose. Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to leave me some comments on here and tell me what you think. You have any ideas how this can be better? Or perhaps you are enjoying this and want to know more! Just let me know so I can make this better for everyone who is interested!

Until next time!

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