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A Way Forward

Greetings! Things are progressing at a great pace, and I’m beginning to piece together a plan of evaluation. The first draft of book 1, Katsukami (working title), was completed nearly 10 years ago. It’s hard for me to believe how fast time has flown; however, watching the clock is a waste of time. Dwelling on lost time will not get pages reviewed, scenes organized or new content drafted.

Must press ever onward!

Series Structure

In an effort to begin looking for a place to dive in this very large universe again, I am faced with looking at the basics – the structure of the series’ narrative. Currently, the story is broken up into 9 main parts, where part 1 is the earliest events of the narrative and part 9 is the farthest on the right of the timeline. The first 3 parts make up a type of prologue. Parts 4 through 9 make up the main storyline (you may say, present day). Each book of the series contains 3 of the 9 parts – equalling out to a trilogy.

One may be thinking, “Sounds like there’s not much to consider as far as structure goes.” On the surface, this could be true. I could write the books in chronological succession, with the first book on the timeline released first. For many reasons, however, that would simply not work as the story stands now.

1. There are a number of plot devices that the first 3 parts reveal that would make events in the subsequent 6 parts predictable. What I mean here is, the main narrative is found in parts 4 – 9 for a reason – one I won’t get into here.

2. The main character serves little purpose in parts 1 – 3. Releasing a book as first of a series with the immediate sequel introducing a new main character would not be attractive to readers unless executed perfectly.

3. The points on the timeline are not equal distance-wise. What I mean by this is that part 1-3 are set a considerable amount of time before part 4-9. In addition, there are decent sized gaps between part 1, 2 and 3 as well. On the other hand, Parts 4 – 9 all happen in succession.

“So, what structure did you go with originally? You did write a big chunk of the story, right?”

The current structure of the series is to take a piece of the past events (parts 1, 2 or 3) to open each book followed by 2 parts from the main storyline (parts 4 – 9). Here, let me give you a visual. Below, I will list each book and follow with which parts are included, in the order as they appear in the book.

Book 1: Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Book 2: Part 2, Part 6, Part 7

Book 3: Part 1, Part 8, Part 9

The idea behind this is to show the “past” backwards – the further back, the more the reader can discover the origin story… which provides answers to numerous plot points. The “present” is revealed like a typical narrative… and proceeds forward chronologically. Each book is given a slice of the past as an opening which coincides with much of the story revealed in the “present.”

Now, I am faced with a number of options concerning structure.

1. Keep it the way it is

2. Cut the prologue pieces, expand the narrative of the “present,” and release the “past” (parts 1 – 3) as its own book (probably just before the final book).

3. Expand the story – including yet unwritten/unplanned content between parts 3 and 4. This possibility, while allowing the narrative to progress naturally (start to finish), is not preferable – at least with the story in its current state.

4. Release part 1 – 3 as their own books (each). Expanding these stories to short novel status would not require drastic story changes. Part 3 would be released first, followed by book 1 (part 4 and 5). Next, Part 2 short novel would be released, followed by book 2 (Part 6 and 7). Finally, Part 1 (short novel), and finishing off with book 3 (parts 8 and 9).

Blah Blah Blah.

I know this is not a very interesting bit of information. I also know that making a decision on structure of release maybe shouldn’t even be a primary concern. My issue is that, every time I sit down to edit, I’m annoyingly distracted by my brain trying to work out story structure issues. Until I make a decision on this, I can’t go back and work on editing the narrative already written and move on to drafting new content.

What Is Currently Drafted?

Parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and most of 6 are drafted. This means book 1’s draft is complete with book 2 being nearly 60% complete. Of course, this is under current structure rules.

I currently have part 7 outlined. Part 1, 8 and 9 are roughly outlined with the main points of the story already decided. In addition, a specific plot point in part 7 has gifted me with a slew of potential content from which I would love to create a stand alone series.

Decisions To Be Made

Choosing the structure to a point that will allow me to move forward is the next step. I know that, until I pick a direction (however temporary it is), I will not be able to put my entire effort into edits and new content.

My current deadline for choosing the Move-Forward Series Structure is:

Before 5 July 2017. My plan is to write an update post weekly. As of now, I will strive to have a new post with updates/decisions made by 5 July.

Thank you all for stopping by! For those of you who actually made it to the end… bravo! This blog is mostly for me… I find it cathartic. So, anyone who actually reads my ramblings through to completion… deserves some kind of prize.

Until next time!


Only 4 more days to go!

Hello, everyone! It’s almost Friday and we are getting closer to our goal of 25 likes on my Facebook page! I know I have more than 25 people reading my blog, but I wanted to build popularity and have a large enough audience when I release the chapter I have chosen to let all of you read!

I have spent the last several days trying to choose the best chapter to use as a sample for my book, and I have almost made my final decision!

Last Friday, I started pushing for likes to my Facebook page in order to raise awareness of my two blogs and also to get an idea of people who were interested to read my book. I know my audience is kinda low right now, but that’s ok! In just a few days, my page went from 15  to 21 likes so it is very possible to reach this easy goal!

I know there are many of you that read my blog that are not active on Facebook and I am keeping that in mind. However, if any of you can help me out, go ahead and click like on the widget on the right! Let’s reach this goal!

Thanks so much!

A Solid Foundation

In the last post, I mentioned the two primary ideas I had for the setting of my story. The first was a more medieval atmosphere with warring nations. The second was a more futuristic, sci-fi version of my supernatural fantasy. In the end, neither worked. However, I realized that a mix of the two (no matter how tricky it would prove to be) would indeed provide the best foundation for my story. What eventually came about (and is still being meticulously developed) is the galaxy of Kyosora.

In the end, I needed the vastness of space. Limiting the narrative to the confines of a single world was, to me, ineffective. The struggles of humanity against the supernatural beings I had created would be crushed to oblivion with the intelligence of a “dark age” mentality. On the other hand, trading in my fantasy for a pure technological/over-advanced approach would put to much “sci” in the “fi” I was building. My solution was not what even I expected it to be early on.

Let me break from this briefly by pointing out a very definitive moral (if you will) that I am trying to get across with this story. This story is about Light versus Dark. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE ANY TYPE OF ALLEGORY. There is no deep real world spiritual meaning behind this story where I am trying to infuse any personal beliefs into the lines between the words. That being said, I want to define Light and Dark. It should NOT be confused with Good and Evil. In this story, good and evil are morals that are not seen nor cared about by the supernatural. Good and evil are purely human morals that are stressed to be superior over that of the raw light and dark of those who exist outside the physical realm. From the human perspective, actions that fall under the “good” side of morality can be followed by both beings of light and dark. Similar to this, actions that are on the “evil” portion of morality may also be committed by beings of dark but also of light as well. In the end, Balance is the only way Kyosora (the physical realm) has any hope of survival.

Alright. Sorry for the break, but that was an important point that needed to be brought out for future reference. In fact, the very idea behind balance being needed to keep Kyosora together is exactly what I used when making my decision for the setting. The first idea for setting I had was one of the past, if you will. The second was one of the future. If this world was going to exist on the need for balance, then that is what I needed to build starting with the foundation. I toyed with a more “present” setting (or rather, a setting that more reflected where we currently live). However, I realized that very idea was not balance either.

Kyosora is, in fact, a place where the past, present, and future are combined. Elements (such as technology, weapons, culture issues) were taken with care from Earth’s past, present, and ideas of our future as well. In Kyosora, it is not uncommon to see men spar with swords in a university that teaches battle skills to prospects attempting to earn a place inside an elite military/mercenary group. Some prefer hand to hand combat focuses while others prefer to take studies in long range specializations such as in rifle training. After their day of battle training and academics, they jump into a four-wheeled motor vehicle where they drive down a stone paved road. Along the way, they see houses made of stone or wood, markets along the road side, and an assortment of colors from advertisment banners, parades, or floral life. A crier may walk by, shouting out the most recent news to passers-by. The vehicle takes them to a large building, a hanger. Inside that hanger, are air and space craft that are able to take them to the skies or even to a massive fleet of space vessels that can transport them all over the galaxy in a blink of an eye.

The idea is, nothing is impossible.

I am going to end it here for now. I hope this was descriptive and that you were able to see a little more about my story. I explained a bit about the setting, I have laid a foundation. The physical realm is not bound to any particular time period. Next time, I will delve into a bit about the spiritual realm. It is a much stranger world indeed. Perhaps the only word that can be used to describe it is “twisted”.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

The Setting for a Fantasy

As I said before, the premise of my story came from a dream. It was quite vivid and epic as well. Most times, I never remember my dreams after I wake. This one was definitely the exception to the rule. When I woke, I had enough time to get up from my bed, find a piece of paper, and begin scribbling down everything I could possibly remember.

But the dream is the end.

The story I have built to lead up to the amazing conclusion that is based on the dream was created over the next several months after I woke that night. The story went through many changes during the creation process. Originally, the setting of the story took a more medieval setting. The main peoples of the story were from different countries in a world that was essentially the battleground for the warring spiritual realms of Light and Dark. There were no modern vehicles (cars, aircraft, etc.) as technology in this world had not really advanced very far. There were two warring countries: Niceria and Carekren. The heroes of the story came from Niceria and the villains were natives of Carekren. The war between the beings of Light and Dark in the past was fought with little regard to the humans who populated the land. However, at the time my story began, the supernatural beings made direct contact with the humans. Their purpose: to use the humans to fight their war for them. The number of “angels” and “demons” were dropping considerably from the long and drawn out war. Therefore, they granted the humans powers in order to continue the fighting on their behalf. The Light took the side of Niceria, the Dark Carekren.

I ran into a problem when creating the structure of the story behind this setting. It was a little limiting and claustrophobic. I needed more room to move. For that reason, I took to the skies.

The next version of the story was very similar a premise as the first, only it took place much further in the future. Niceria became a planet all on its own, as did Carekren. The Kingdom of Niceria fought against the Voraxian Empire (the Vorax inhabited Carekren and a few other worlds as well). At this point, the story took a drastic turn toward the “sci-fi” realm. Technology was extremely advanced. Their was nothing left of the medieval culture I had originally built. At this point, I cut the idea that all humans were given supernatural powers. My “Champion” idea was structured so that only one person was given powers from each side. So, one was given the powers of Light, and one was given the powers of Dark.

The biggest problem I had with this version was that it went too far away from the supernatural fantasy I truly desired. The original way was 100% supernatural fantasy, whereas the second, more futuristic version was now about 95% sci-fi and only 5% supernatural fantasy.

It was back to the drawing board for me. The next phase of the story I took would end up becoming the template for the version it is today. Next time, I will reveal what I chose. Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to leave me some comments on here and tell me what you think. You have any ideas how this can be better? Or perhaps you are enjoying this and want to know more! Just let me know so I can make this better for everyone who is interested!

Until next time!

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