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If It’s Not Broke…

There is truth in the old adage, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” I have a personal motto that is a spin on that saying: “If it isn’t broke, don’t break it.”

While I may not be 100% satisfied in the current structure of the story, I recognize the importance of progress. Concerning myself over how to piece together the final product at this stage is spinning my wheels at best.

Puzzles are pictures broken up into dozens, hundreds of pieces. I’m not arguining against knowing what the final product will look like. While there is a lot of value in knowing what picture the puzzle is making… it is pointless to start putting it together if you don’t even have all the pieces. To that end, progress is more important (at this stage) than structure.

Therefore, I will keep the structure as it currently stands: 3 books, each with 3 parts – where the first part is a slice of the prologue piece of the story.

Now that the structure has been decided, it is now time to prepare to progress. Issue with that is: I have not read the completed matetial in years. My current task is to re-read the first book, making notes and edits as I go. I will be focusing on the main scenario (which means I will not currently review the prologue chapters – that will come later).


I know this post comes late, and is also short in content. This week was focused on making a purchase… it took a lot of time. I’d like to introduce you all to… the new Clarkmobile!


My next post will come soon. I will be updating all of you on my impressions of the state of the book (how much edit work left, any extensive re-writes) and an estimate on when I will get back to drafting new content.

Goal #1 – Get the story written. All of it.


Back Again…?

With the insanity that has been my work schedule over the past 5 or 6 years, my blogging time has clearly taken a hit.  In addition, finding any time to work on the book has been difficult. Turns out, being married, having a son (who is now 4 years old and HUGE), being in the Air Force (I’ve been promoted to Technical Sergeant and recently selected to commission) and finding a number of temporary hobbies has filled up my schedule.

I have attempted, on numerous occasions, to sit down and pour over the story.  After not writing religiously for a few years requires one to review contents of their work to remember what they wrote.  Yes.  It has been so long that I actually forgot much of the book’s finer details.  Every time I start rereading, I find a number of things I don’t like, many that I love and several surprises – I like when I read something I forgot, especially when I love it!

So, why am I back now?  My audience is all but gone, I’m not any less busy than I was before (probably, I’ve never been busier in my entire life) and I won’t be able to write new content from book 2 until I review book 1 in its entirety.  So what’s the point?

Answer:  I’m going to make the time.

In 2006, I began this journey… piecing together a story, a universe, based solely on a dream.  I spent a great deal of time that first year, writing like a fiend and drafting the entire first book. The amount of work I put into it was astounding – and I, in good conscience, cannot allow my hard work and dedication to go to waste.

So I have decided to make myself a schedule.  I will set targets for myself, deadlines to keep my progress on track.  What’s stopping me from quitting or taking another half-decade hiatus?  I will use this blog to keep me on target.  I will summarize my impressions of each chapter, document areas I want re-written (without too many spoilers, of course) and keep myself accountable.

The tale of Kyosora cannot… and will not… go unwritten.  As arrogant as this may sound, the world deserves to listen to my story.  I don’t want to be the reason they never get that chance.

A new post will be written here soon, in which I hope I will be able to articulate my short-term goals.  As I will not be rereading blog posts (doing that will just be taking time away from working on the actual book), there MAY be contradictions about what I say going forward and what I may have said in the past regarding the book.  They are not intentional.  Memory is a fickle thing, and mine is filled with a lot more things now than it was 5 or 6 years ago.

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Long Time… No Write

So, it has been sometime since I have had any time to write. The Air Force keeps me busy, and things have changed so drastically since my last update.

That said, I have been busy formulating outlines of numerous stories related to the universe of Kyosora! On top of that, I have nearly completed the general structure of the main storyline. At this time, it appears that the number of books required to cover the primary storyline is sitting at four.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I will need to conduct a major re-write of the material previously marked “complete.”

There will be more updates to come. Stay tuned!

Making Dramatic Changes: My Subconscious Cure All

I want to back things up a bit. Before I started evaluating the premise and setting of the story and posting the chapter and character profiles, I had been talking about my life as I took time to write this story. I would like to pick back up where I had left off. On my post “A Dark Place in Life” I mentioned how I got a job right after I had completed the first full draft of Katsukami.

During the rest of that year, things got a little better. I was making money and life was not being too harsh to me anymore. My life wasn’t taking any leaps forward, but I wasn’t necessarily losing ground either. I became content, complacent, stagnant. It’s been said that there is no such thing as “standing still” in life. You are either moving forward or you are moving backward. Allowing one self to stay comfortable without making any effort to better themselves only brings about negative habits of laziness and complacency.

Lucky for me, I realized this was happening before it got too carried away.

For more than six months, I worked and made money. I tried to work on my second book as well. On a roll after completing my first book, I immediately jumped into the first part of book 2. Within a matter of weeks, I finished a quarter of the story and had all but completed a very specific outline of the rest. I had the feeling that I was on fire.

New Years 2008

I don’t know why. I was fine. I was doing ok and my story was well on its way. So, why did a sudden depression overcome my mind and force me to rethink my place in life? For whatever reason, every new year I always automatically review everything that has happened to me – not just over the previous year either. On every January 1, I look over my life as a whole. I step out of my little bubble and ponder the places I have been, the people I have met, the actions I have taken, the roads I have walked, and (most importantly) the direction I am going. If, for whatever reason, the evaluation of myself is in anyway NOT good, I change directions. The change is not small in any way. Once I come to this conclusion, I begin taking steps that lead me to a dramatic change before the end of that year.

For example:

January 1, 2005 – I was in college and things were happening all around me that made me rethink the direction my life was going. During this time, I was spending my time at college pretty much year round. I would sometimes visit home on holidays, but typically I stayed at my dorm room, even when school was out. I just worked for the school doing whatever they needed and paid rent. New Years 2005 was the first time my New Years Evaluation occurred and I attempted to ignore it. The issues I was struggling with ate at me until I could not deal with it anymore. My mind became clouded. My attitude became irritable. The people I looked up to started appearing useless to me. Still, I fought against my mind. I wanted to complete my degree and nothing was going to stop me. Eight months later, I left. Literally, I made the decision to give in and was gone in 24 hours. Back to Michigan to start over.

It was happening again.

This time, I didn’t fight. The conclusion I came to after the evaluation of my life was one that shocked not only the people around me, but myself as well. I was joining the military. No one who knew me well believed a word I said when I told them of my decision. The girl I was seeing left shortly thereafter but, I really didn’t mind. Let me rephrase that, I cared for sure. I just could not stop the path I had decided to follow. I knew there would be drastic consequences. So I allowed them to happen without much struggle. My friends and family all said things like “Oh, that’s great!” but, deep down, none of them believed I would do it.

“You’re just not a military type of guy.”

In July 2008, I officially swore in to the Air Force and would leave for basic training in November. Just before I left, I mean literally the day before, I remembered something I had put on the back burner for the last (very) quick months. My story…

I let it slip. I would read it every now and then between January and when I left for Texas in November, but I really didn’t write much that entire year. It was too late now. The free time I would have (or lack thereof) over then next several months would hinder me from moving forward on my writing. It was something with which I just had to come to terms. However, the moment I stepped on that plane that would take me to San Antonio, I vowed that my story was not over. I would not just let it slip through the cracks. One day, I would pick up the pen again and keep writing. Even if it was years later…

Turns out that would not be too far from the truth. My life was changing drastically and I would soon find out how little time I had. Would I ever make the time to pick the pen up again and press forward with my story? Would the changes I made to my life prove successful or did I just waste my time? Those are questions we can look into another day. Thanks for reading! I will be back here soon!

Until next time!

Only 4 more days to go!

Hello, everyone! It’s almost Friday and we are getting closer to our goal of 25 likes on my Facebook page! I know I have more than 25 people reading my blog, but I wanted to build popularity and have a large enough audience when I release the chapter I have chosen to let all of you read!

I have spent the last several days trying to choose the best chapter to use as a sample for my book, and I have almost made my final decision!

Last Friday, I started pushing for likes to my Facebook page in order to raise awareness of my two blogs and also to get an idea of people who were interested to read my book. I know my audience is kinda low right now, but that’s ok! In just a few days, my page went from 15  to 21 likes so it is very possible to reach this easy goal!

I know there are many of you that read my blog that are not active on Facebook and I am keeping that in mind. However, if any of you can help me out, go ahead and click like on the widget on the right! Let’s reach this goal!

Thanks so much!

Who’s Interested to Catch a Glimpse of My Book?

This one will be short, but sweet.
I started an event on my Facebook page to try and boost a little popularity! If my Facebook page (not my personal one, but the one created to promote my blogs) can surpass 25 likes by October 19 then I will post on here an entire chapter of my book for your viewing pleasure!
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Again, 25 likes on my Facebook page and I will post up a chapter of “Katsukami”!

A Solid Foundation (Part II)

I want to start off by apologizing. If there is one constant in my life, it is always having the most crappy internet service. That’s right. I have been fighting back and forth for a while trying to get my internet working. It is the primary reason why I have been unable to post on here for a few days. However, I was able to get it back up and running so… here I am!

Last time, I went over a bit about the setting of the story. Well, I went over half of it anyway. You see, as you may remember, I mentioned before that this story is a supernatural fantasy. So, by definition, there must be something natural in order for there to be something “super”natural. My “natural” was explained when I briefly described Kyosora (aka the Physical Realm). Today, I want to explain the much older and quite a bit more strange Spiritual Realm.

In the physical realm there are many people and places. Multiple planets and each planet has its own climate and variety of landscapes and other scenic locales. The spiritual realm is just as (if not more) diverse than Kyosora. The spiritual realm is composed of three main locations. All three are not officially named; however, I am using these temporary names as stand-ins until I make the final decision: The World of Above, The World Beneath, and the World Between Worlds.

The World Above is the location of residence for those beings of Light. As of now, the World Above is merely mentioned in the first book and in the first half of book two. I am still in the creation phase for this location so I wanted to get this one out of the way as quickly as I could to move on to the World Beneath.

The World Beneath is quite a bit more filled in. A hell-like location, this place is home to the beings of Darkness. The World Beneath is the largest single portion of the spiritual universe, spanning approximately 50%. The World Above and the World Between Worlds share together the last half. The demons of darkness who dwell here are monstrous (in the opinion of humans) of all shapes and sizes. Lesser Demons serve the much higher and more intelligent “Children of Pravus”.

When I was creating the World Beneath, I wanted to stay somewhat away from the typical ideas of a hell that comes to our minds. It is a land of darkness, but I wanted the similarities to stop there. There are many countless levels in this place. Twisting staircases glowing red and yellow wrapping around pillars of ice, pits of complete blackness save for the glow of lightning attempting to burst outward into the orange sky, and prison floors for the worst of the worst – the demons who were cast out – are just a few examples of the places in the World Beneath. It is not a physical realm, so there are no laws of gravity or any actual physical existence at all. Everything in the World Beneath is subject to how the onlooker is perceiving it. Although a human CAN exist in the World Beneath, it is said that spending any extended period of time would rob that individual of any shred of sanity he or she would still have after the initial shock upon first arriving.

Lastly, we come the the World Between Worlds. This place is very simple in structure. There is no physical manifestation of earth or fire or water to be found. The World Between is most accurately viewed as a “pathway.” To cross from world to world, realm to realm, beings in the spiritual world go to this place. All roads lead here and subsequently head everywhere. To an onlooker from the physical realm, a soft green hue covers the entirety of this location. No visible portals or doors can be found to anyone besides those beings whose existence originated in one of the two worlds: Above or Beneath.

The first book in the series, “Katsukami”, focuses the vast majority of its narrative in the physical realm. However as the story progresses, the protagonists are slowly shown that the events of their world are being carefully guided, manipulated, and designed by beings on a plane of existence far separated from their own.

I really wanted to go into more depth and detail but, I do not want to give anything important away. I mean, come on, I writing a book here! So I need to save SOMETHING for you to read. This leads me to my conclusion for today.

One more thing. I know that some of you may read this, and be interested. I want to give you a heads up. I was thinking about posting a small portion of my book (maybe a chapter or part of one) on here. If you are indeed interested, leave me a note by way of comment. If you head on over to my Facebook page and let me know there, that would be best. However, I try to check here, my email, twitter, FB, and any other modes of social interaction as often as I am able.

Ok! Thanks so much for reading and all of your support. The positive feedback I have so far is encouraging and is really keeping me going! Thank you all!

Until next time!