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A Dark Place in Life…

So yeah… Remember when I said that I was getting too busy to finish my book? It was true. Lots of stuff to do. I was working quite a lot and not getting paid much. It was not a fun time for me. On top of it all, I realized that my book had lost structure and would require a significant amount of time for me to pour over it with care. There seemed to be only one road for me to take. Shelf it until I had more time. After all, making money came first. I had to eat, right?

On July 4, 2007 I quit my job.

Hindsight tells me that this was a bad idea. My hours took a severe cut due to the lack of money people had to spend (I was in sales) so I would be pulling in pennies compared to my prior horrid pay. On top of it all, I was being led to believe that I had a better sales job lined up. It wouldn’t come for two more months, but I didn’t know this at the time.

Yes, it was an immature decision. I know. However, guess what I now had the time to do. Yep. Katsukami was now being looked over nearly 6 – 8 hours everyday. Not an editing thing. It was more to try to place the proper events in the proper places.

For two months I lived poor. I had recently gotten together with one of my friend’s friends and she was a big help with the book. Also, she quit her job very similarly to how I did. However, she was able to get a different job much quicker than I.

July-August 2007 was probably the greatest time period for my book, but probably the worst time period for me as a person. If I was not writing, I was always in despair. The only consolation I could find for myself was in the universe I had created. The people, the places, the events all became so very real inside my head. Every morning I would wake up and try to create a better world for the people I created. Outside of my story, however, my life was a shambles.

The last week of August came around and two good things happened.

First, I finished the completely restructured, unedited draft of Katsukami! I remember that day so well. I was on Cloud 9. I felt so proud of myself. I had done it. I knew there would still be changes and grammar overhauls ahead of me but the story was finally down on paper. Or, at least, the first book was written. When I typed the words “To be continued…” at the end, I realized I was only maybe 25-33% finished.

There was a long road ahead of me…

The second good thing that happened came later that same day. I got a call from the job I was supposed to have back in July. I got it. A couple months late? Sure. But, I got it. And I would start the first of September! Everything was coming together for me… or at least, for now. I would soon have a rude awakening that would open my eyes. I would soon see my “pathetic” life and become tired of the everyday monotony of the part-time job/barely making ends meet way I was living.

But that is a story for a different day.

Next time, I will take a break from the norm and put up a post about the basic premise of the story. I’m not entirely sure as to how in depth I will go, so you will just have to wait and see.

Those of you who have read the book before, feel free to comment on here and leave a thought or two about the story from your point of view. Try not to spoil anything please!


Until next time!


Now, where was I…?

So yeah… it was the one thing that kept me from writing. Love. My story recording stopped dead in its tracks. Of course, I made excuses. “I’m just trying to plan it out” or “I have writer’s block”. The fact of the matter is, my mind was clogged up with thoughts of a woman. Not a bad thing. Well in hindsight maybe it was, but at the time I was on cloud nine.

Until she left.

Suddenly, my book progress took off like a shot! Words flowed onto paper (yeah, I used the old fashioned method) so fast I could barely keep up myself. Sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter. In just two or three months, my book was beginning to take shape. I was so proud of myself.

Until I hit a small snag.

It was around April or May of 2007. I was probably about 20% finished with my constantly growing story. The problem was, I was battling a decision to add a major plot line that would decrease my completion percentage to under 10% and I already was sitting near 50,000 words. The book was too long. I began doing research and began to discover that brand new authors don’t publish dictionary sized books. My confidence began to sink and I started questioning whether or not this was a good idea.

I decided that I needed a confidence boost!

To a select group of people (all close friends of mine) I began to show them portions of the book. Up until this point, I kept the contents relatively secret. I was a new author, I was self conscious, and I was shy. I thought that I couldn’t show anyone my work until it was complete. My friends opinions gave me exactly what I needed.

So, I decided to keep writing but… I was still faced with a decision.

The book was far too long. That was a fact. The only choice I had was to leave it the way it was and throw away most hopes of ever getting it looked at much less published, or I could harness a “to be continued…” scheme. I chose the latter, of course, and now I was back on track!

In June, I finished my first draft of Book 1. It still, at this time, did not have a title. I began my edit work of the book (which at this time was about 85,000 words in length). I self editted the book, and allowed some of my friends, and a girl I would eventually start dating, look over my book. I got a lot of good feedback and fixed a lot of errors. There was just one problem.

There was a large hole in the story. A rookie mistake. I was creating a universe and I left some major things unmentioned. Also there was a slight contradiction that needed rectifying. So, I began to revise. During revision, the book began to expand. I was worried that it would start getting too long and look too meshed together.

So, I stopped.

I was beginning to lose focus. My story was still the same, but the way I was telling it was scatterbrained at best. I needed to evaluate everything I was doing. Unfortunately, with my job and busy-ish schedule I had no desire to go back through all over again. It was turning into work. The fun was almost completely gone.

Was this just a hobby? Was this something that I would look back on with regret as a failed project that had so much potential but, due to my laziness, would fall to the wayside?

I will go into more detail next time. One thing I will say, however, is that I did not want the book to go unnamed. Even if I would quit for a period of time, I wanted to give the book a name. So, before making the decision to shelf the book until I had more gumption to pick it back up again, I chose a name. It was the name of the primary antagonist of the story.


Thanks so much for reading! Until next time!

Ok… Let’s do this!

It’s blog time about a very special project of mine.

On July 2006, an idea sprung into my mind. An idea, that hit me as I woke from a very graphic dream. No, I did not decide to create a religion like others in the past that shared that similar experience. I realized the dream itself was probably due to eating some not-so-good-idea tacos (oh but they were good), playing too many fantasy video games, watching too many outlandish movies, and reading too many sci-fi novels. After waking from the dream, I thanked the tacos and rushed to find the nearest piece of paper and pen and began writing down everything I could remember. You see, I have this problem of forgetting my dreams within minutes. Once their gone, their gone for good.

I could NOT let that happen.

The epic-ness of the dream was too grand to just forget. After scibbling down as much of the dream I could, I went back to sleep. When I woke up, I re-read everything I had written and was amazed. Sure enough, I had no recollection of ever having the dream. I did remember waking and writing, just I had zero memory of actually having said dream.

Long story short-ish, I spent the next several weeks forming a small story around the dream. It was originally supposed to be a short story that I wanted to keep for myself. Nothing too grandiose. Nothing ultra fantastic. Just, I wanted to have a little proof that I had an imagination!

The first full sentence outline I composed was over 10 pages long. The kicker, I wasn’t even finished with the story. You see, I realized as I began to form the story that the dream I had was the end. My plan was to finish the story with the end of the dream. After 10 pages of a full sentence outline, I had not even come close to where the dream began.

I decided that I should can the “short story” idea and trade it for a full length novel.

I began full blown writing of the novel late August of 2006. I had two or three chapters finished… and the a distraction fell on me in the form of a woman. My writing ceased for several months. . . Sometimes, I worried that I would never pick up writing again. Everytime I thought of the story, a pang of guilt would stab my heart. I would shake my head and push it off saying “I’m in love! I have better things to do now!”

That’s enough for today. Next time, I will reveal what happened next and (maybe) talk a little about what this story actually entails.

Thanks so much for reading! See you next time!